Club Members

Dani Deeds

A lover of art and horses, Dani not only acts as the Tall Pines Elementary hall monitor, but she has the longest hair in the entire school. Dani has a sweet tooth and is the inventor of the candy salad.  

Nikki Gong

A short-haired tomboy, Nikki is the best drummer Tall Pines has ever known. It must be because rhythm runs in her blood, since her mom is the town music teacher. Nikki was born in the year of the Dragon, which, according to her Chinese heritage, means she’s going to be very lucky!

Cliff Casey

An aspiring Hollywood movie star, Cliff is a movie buff as well as the class clown. He’s a daredevil but he’s also extremely accident-prone and often trips over his own two feet. Cliff dislikes math and his best friend is Larry Lightyear.

Janey Austin

A star student, Janey is the captain of the Stellar Spellers — the Tall Pine’s Spelling Bee Team — and spends most of her spare time with her nose in a book. She wears glasses and braces and has a younger brother named Little Joey. Janey is your typical teacher’s pet.

Risa Romero

Another member of the Flip-Flop Flyers, Risa is from Guadalajara and speaks English and Spanish. She started at Tall Pines Elementary as a second grader and her mom runs the school’s foreign language program. Risa’s favorite summertime activity is camping.

Callista Moon

A member of the Flip-Flop Flyers, Callista is an impressive gymnast who can do flips, back handsprings and more! She’s an only child and her best friend is her dog named Barney, a lazy, droopy-eyed spaniel. Strawberries are her favorite fruit, especially when they’re dipped in sugar.

Larry Lightyear

A leader of the Science and Math Club, Larry hopes to one day become a doctor, just like his dad. Larry is very athletic. In fact, he’s the fastest runner out of all of the third graders at Tall Pines Elementary. Even though he’s a boy, he gets along with all of the girls […]

Lindy Hopp

A graceful dance enthusiast who wears her hair in a bun daily, Lindy is the new girl at Tall Pines Elementary. She’s quiet, serious, and proper, but she has a crazy side, too. She once wore her tutu to school!

Jilly Bean